Chelsea defeat to Bournemouth a sign of problem looming at the bridge

It was a disgraceful night at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea lost 0-3 to Bournemouth. The Blues were pegged behind by an impressive Cherries side that were resurgent compared to what we saw early on in the season.

Despite a goalless first half, Chelsea still went behind by three goals in a game that they never showed they deserve to win. Bournemouth needed the game more and they got the deserved victory. However, this defeat represents lot of implications at Stamford Bridge.

The talk about the future of Antonio Conte will continue to suffice as the former Italy manager has struggle to breed confidence in recent time. Chelsea have found themselves in a similar situation they have been in several times when a manager is in his second or third year at the club.

This is a situation that has to be addressed on time and a lasting solution is metted out before it goes on like this. At the beginning of the year, there were hopes of Chelsea still finishing second ahead of Manchester United but that can’t be said again due to poor performance.

The team performance sometimes goes beyond the manager. So many back room decisions and players frustrations that’s not exposed to the public but later leaked have been a constant scenario at Chelsea.

Players situation has to be addressed and there should be unity and good team spirit in the dressing room for a team to do well going forward.

There are several concerns about the future of Hazard and some other key members of the team that need to be sorted out. An aging defence line also need more signings in next window which also bring the talk of a manager being in charge.

I won’t be surprised if Chelsea don’t finish in a champions league spot if all the problems are not addressed on time.

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