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One thing everyone is guilty of when starting off as a soccer player is how bad we take care of or soccer shoes. There was no proper way many could have kept their shoe clean then and there was also no awareness on what to do on how to clean the shoes. The smell that ooze out of the shoe after use is out of this world. This bad smell can affect the breathing of everyone at home at that point in time.

Parents are always the ones responsible for helping many clean the shoes then. May God bless them. They safe lives with those shoes, even though they were not properly cleaned.

The problem then was that, there was no guide on how to clean smelly soccer cleats. What everyone had was how to clean his shoes, either indoor soccer shoes or outdoor soccer shoes using whatever is available at one disposal. The good news is that there is now a way to properly clean the indoor shoe you have purchased, a step by step method that many can follow.

The advantage of having a clean shoe or avoiding a smelly soccer cleats ranges from health reasons to footballing reasons. Many have to understand that football is just beyond a sport play on the field with other ten men or women.

There are other things that affects one’s life that is tied to the game.  One of the very first advantage of having a clean and non-smelly soccer cleat especially in indoor soccer games is that it makes room for air to enter the shoe and thus enhance performance. The air that comes into the shoe also play a part in the kind of way one play.

When fresh air comes into the legs, it help with our players feeling more comfortable when playing. A striker feel better taking shots while a defender is not afraid of going for a clean tackle. The health importance is also a very big factor.

When a clean soccer cleat is been worn, it help prevent against bacteria and other diseases. Skin rashes or irritation is also avoided when the shoes are clean every time they are to be used.

Knowing the importance of having a clean shoe for soccer games, its high time we learnt how to make our soccer shoe clean always. There are two methods that will be highlighted below on doing this.


There are several ways of cleaning soccer shoes, some are based on how long you have to spare on the clan sometimes, it depend on how thorough you want the job to be done. In a situation there is a very limited time at one disposal and still want to have a very clean cleat that is devoid of any smell or whatsoever, this approach will be best for such person.

The first thing to do is to get a coffee filter, baking soda or Epsom salt. After all these have been provided, the baking soda or Epsom is sprinkled in the coffee filter then the filter is placed in the shoe. This is one approach that doesn’t take time at all and it’s also very effective.

Another fast and easy method is to use a soaked paper towel that was in a bleach to clean the shoe. This is done by having a socked paper to towel placed in the cleats.

clean cleat

One very easy step that takes the least time is spraying the shoe with deodorizer. This can be found in most sport stores. The problem with this is that it’s not everyone that can afford a deodorizer.

When this can’t be done, there are still options that can be taken to achieve to achieve a great result. When a few dry tea bags is placed in the shoe, they are allowed to soak the moisture in the shoe thereby reducing the odor and also eliminate bacteria.

There is a method similar to that of the tea bag. It is putting a dryer sheet in each of the shoes after each usage. The use of alcohol have also been seen to work very well. This can be done by rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe out the insides of your cleats.

All these easy cleaning methods stated are best done at night when the shoes are not being use and the next morning, there will be an improvement. It can also be done during the day as long as the shoe will not be used immediately. It is also important to note that for the best result to be gotten from this method, it will be advisable to repeat whichever of the above method used several times a month to keep the shoe clean always.


This is the second method to get a good result when cleaning the soccer shoe, especially indoor soccer shoes. There are days that the shoes will not be in use for days, it is advised that this method is adopted while cleaning the shoe. Reason being that they are time consuming but more effectively. Under this method, there are two approaches that can give the needed results. Below are the steps to be taken to achieve this.

  1. The smelly shoe is to be soaked in a mild detergent water for at least 10 minutes.
  2. The next step is to wash off the dirty that have dropped in the soapy water and change the water before rinsing again.
  3. Sun drying the cleat is the next step and this is done by separating the insole from the shoe to get better sun and dry faster
  4. The sundried shoe are to be placed in a freezer bag and kept in the freezer overnight. This also help kill any germs left to die from the sun.
  5. For extra protection, baking soda can be placed in a coffee filter and placed in the shoe after removing from the freezer.
  6.   Another approach which is less stressful but also effective is placing two fully filled coffee filter with coffee grounds which has been tight at both end with rubber band in the shoe for at least 24 hours. After the filter is removed, the smell will have disappeared.

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